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AI-Strategy Session's Goals


4 Reasons Why You Should
Assess Your AI Maturity


Assess Gaps

Identify and analyze your current AI capabilities and gaps to determine necessary improvements for effective AI enablement and integration.


Indentify Risks

Evaluate potential risks and regulatory requirements, to address these challenges while ensuring full compliance with industry standards.


Enhance Efficiency

Understand how to find a competitive edge by implementing innovative solutions to streamline operations & boost productivity.


Plan Strategy

After understanding your current AI Maturity level, and your AI Ambition has been set, you can easily plan your next steps as organisation.

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After answering all the assessment questions, get a detailed report via e-mail explaining your current AI maturity level with insights and recommendations.

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Gain access to an exclusive webinar where our experts discuss AI strategies and answer your AI-related questions.

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Luciano Radicce profile picture in Black & White

Luciano Radicce

Co-Founder & AI Product Strategy Consultant

+11 years partnering with startups, entrepreneurs and VCs across Europe and Asia. Combining a strong entrepreneurial background with expertise in engineering, product , strategy , marketing, and Artificial Intelligence.

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Dr. Heiko Müller

Partner & Transformation Consultant

+20 years of experience as consultant, moderator and sparring partner in C-level functions in Germany, the UK and the USA. International expertise in large corporations, SMEs and start-ups. Linking the impact of artificial intelligence on 'business strategy', 'process flows' and 'change management' in organizations. Recognized for leveraging human intelligence, fostering cross-cultural collaborations, and driving pragmatic solutions.

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