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We partner with Start-ups & SMEs to solve their business problems. We automate processes and develop next-generation products, leveraging the power of Generative Artificial Intelligence.


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AI Workshops
for Managers

Engage in our AI Strategy Workshop designed for business leaders to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence in business and drive innovative strategies.

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AI Employee

Advance your team's capabilities with our AI Employee Training programs, focusing on AI Skills Development and AI Workforce Education.

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Head of AI

Benefit from the leadership of an Interim Head of AI in our AI Employee Training to spearhead your team's AI Skills Development and adoption.

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AI Custom

Optimize your business processes with our Tailored AI Solutions and AI Custom Implementation, ensuring a seamless AI Integration in Business.

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At the forefront
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Generative AI is the dawn of a tech renaissance set to redefine work as we know it. Lazy is at the forefront of this revolution.  

We are committed to make work smart and not hard.
Creating user-centric products with Generative AI, redefining the future of work together.

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scene of Lazy  

Based in Munich, Germany, I am an innovative professional with +11 years of experience partnering with startups, entrepreneurs and VCs, leveraging my experience in strategy and management across Europe and Asia. Combining a strong entrepreneurial background with expertise in engineering, product management, strategic planning, marketing, and AI. I understand the synergy & interconnectedness of these fields of knowledge that must come together to provide exceptional value and outstanding experiences for my clients' users.

Luciano Radicce
Founder & AI Strategist

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Luciano Radicce
February 2, 2024
AI product review: — Bridging the gap between AI chats & search engines
Initiating our ai product review series:, a favorite among ai leaders for everyday use.
AI Tools
6 min read
Luciano Radicce
November 10, 2023
OpenAI DevDay: Essential Highlights for Business Leaders
DevDay Reveals: GPT-4 Turbo Enhancements & Microsoft Alliance Redefine AI for Businesses.
3 min read
Luciano Radicce
October 1, 2023
Why do AI Products fail?
The main mistakes AI startups are making in 2023 and how to solve them.
4 min read
Luciano Radicce
September 21, 2023
DALL·E 3: The New Kid on the AI Block
OpenAI introduces DALL·E 3, a cutting-edge AI image generator known for its precision in crafting images from text prompts. It seamlessly collaborates with ChatGPT for refining creative prompts. While it stands out in the AI art scene, its comparison with Midjourney reveals some contrasts, especially in terms of clarity on quality, functionality, and pricing. As DALL·E 3 prepares for its October debut, those intrigued by AI's potential can further their exploration by joining the Discover AI Workshop offered by Lazy Consulting.
3 min read

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