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We partner with Start-ups & SMEs to solve their business problems. We automate processes and develop next-generation products, leveraging the power of Generative Artificial Intelligence.


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AI Workshops
for Managers

Engage in our AI Strategy Workshop designed for business leaders to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence in business and drive innovative strategies.

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AI Employee

Advance your team's capabilities with our AI Employee Training programs, focusing on AI Skills Development and AI Workforce Education.

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Head of AI

Benefit from the leadership of an Interim Head of AI in our AI Employee Training to spearhead your team's AI Skills Development and adoption.

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AI Custom

Optimize your business processes with our Tailored AI Solutions and AI Custom Implementation, ensuring a seamless AI Integration in Business.

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At the forefront
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Generative AI is the dawn of a tech renaissance set to redefine work as we know it. Lazy is at the forefront of this revolution.  

We are committed to make work smart and not hard.
Creating user-centric products with Generative AI, redefining the future of work together.

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Based in Munich, Germany, I am an innovative professional with +11 years of experience partnering with startups, entrepreneurs and VCs, leveraging my experience in strategy and management across Europe and Asia. Combining a strong entrepreneurial background with expertise in engineering, product management, strategic planning, marketing, and AI. I understand the synergy & interconnectedness of these fields of knowledge that must come together to provide exceptional value and outstanding experiences for my clients' users.

Luciano Radicce
Founder & AI Strategist

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Luciano Radicce
May 27, 2024
Data Quality: The Key to Reliable AI
Ensuring data quality is crucial for successful data-driven initiatives, especially AI systems, as it underpins reliable analytics and accurate decision-making. Poor data quality leads to inaccurate predictions and biases. Key reasons for maintaining data quality in AI include enhancing accuracy, mitigating biases, and improving efficiency. Best practices involve robust data governance, regular verification and cleansing, careful feature selection, continuous monitoring, and using validated external data.
5 min
Luciano Radicce
May 27, 2024
Team Resistance: Foster Acceptance Through Training and Clear Communication
Overcoming team resistance to new initiatives requires a focus on comprehensive training and effective communication. Training equips team members with the necessary skills, builds their confidence, and engages them in the process, reducing resistance. Effective communication involves being transparent about the reasons for change, encouraging two-way dialogue to address concerns, and providing consistent updates on progress.
6 min
Luciano Radicce
May 27, 2024
Building an AI-Driven Organization: Best Practices for C-Level Executives
Transforming your organization into an AI-driven powerhouse requires strategic alignment, fostering an AI-ready culture, and effective talent management. By following these best practices, C-level executives can leverage AI for sustainable growth, enhanced decision-making, and a competitive edge.
6 min
Luciano Radicce
May 27, 2024
How to Achieve Sustainable AI Value: Moving from Proof of Concept to Production
Transitioning AI projects from Proof of Concept (PoC) to production is crucial for unlocking AI's full potential and driving sustainable business value. This requires strategic alignment, robust portfolio management, scalability considerations, and effective risk management, with strong leadership to champion AI initiatives and foster innovation.
4 min

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