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Hi again! We are Lazy 👋
A hybrid team of senior consultants dedicated to driving business growth, using Generative AI

A Lazy Team

Luciano Radicce profile picture in Black & White

Luciano Radicce

Founder & AI Consultant

+11 years partnering with startups, SMEs and entrepreneurs across Europe, America and Asia. Combining a strong entrepreneurial background with expertise in IT engineering, product , strategy and Artificial Intelligence.

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Dr. Heiko Müller

Partner & Transformation Consultant

+20 years as interim manager, consultant, and sparring partner across Europe. Merging a profound background in Business Strategy, Operational Excellence, and 'Change Management' with expertise in SMEs, startups, and large corporations. Recognized for leveraging human intelligence, fostering cross-cultural collaborations, and driving pragmatic solutions.

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Traun Layden

AI Solutions Architect

15+ years of software engineering experience at $1B+ market cap companies in Silicon Valley.  Key contributor building the MLOps platform at Databricks.  Prior technical co-founder at venture backed startup.

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Jie Bao profile picture in Black & White

Dr. Jie Bao

Data & ML/AI Engineer

+10 years of Data Scientist & Machine Learning engineering with deep expertise in ETL pipelines, feature engineering, and anomaly detection. Proven record in developing data-driven solutions and contributions to scientific research.

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“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

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- Bill Gates

Lazy People

Our team is a diverse mix of cultures, backgrounds, and skills, brought together by a shared belief that different perspectives create a richer and more innovative outcome.
We partner with individuals who have unique stories and are driven to enact change in their world. Our goal is to support our team members growth and fuel their ambition, both professionally and personally. Lazy is about; fostering positive actions and enabling others to make a difference.

Lazy Values

Based in the vibrant Werksviertel district of Munich, our office is surrounded by the region's most innovative startups. Our ethos is inherently forward-looking. We celebrate flexibility, cultivate creativity, and excel in adaptability. From offering remote working options to having nutritious meals together, our focus is on creating an environment that encourages our team to succeed professionally, while maintaining a rich personal life.