Improving High-Performance Recipe Creation Process @ Wefuel GmbH

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Wefuel GmbH



The Journey

During our engagement with Wefuel GmbH, a pioneering meal prep brand designed specifically for high-performance individuals, Lazy Consulting played a crucial role in elevating the company's process efficiency and cost management. As a trusted partner, we aimed to boost Wefuel's potential and help them thrive in their competitive niche.

The Challenges

Wefuel had been grappling with two main challenges:

1. Creation of new recipes based on their existing recipe list.
2. Cost reduction for individual recipes while preserving the high-performance quality they were known for, considering a list of ingredients provided as context.

The tasks in question were not only time-consuming but also handled by high-wage individuals, leading to inflated costs.


We embarked on an in-depth study of Wefuel's existing processes, analyzing where the company was spending most of its resources and identifying potential areas of improvement. After thoroughly understanding their challenges and needs, we collaborated with Wefuel to strategize solutions targeting the identified issues.

Use Case 1: Recipe Creation

By leveraging generative AI, we developed a solution to increase the speed and diversity of new recipe creation based on their existing list. This approach led to a 33% improvement in the recipe creation process, thus not only streamlining operations but also fostering creativity in their offerings.

Use Case 2: Cost Reduction

The second use case revolved around cost reduction for individual recipes. By employing our AI-driven model, we were able to generate optimized recipes that met the given cost constraint while maintaining the high-performance characteristic of the meals. This implementation led to a significant 42.3% improvement in the cost management process.

The Impact

The solutions implemented by Lazy Consulting have not only improved the efficiency of Wefuel's operations but also yielded substantial cost savings. Wefuel can now redirect the resources saved towards growth-driving activities, enhancing their value proposition in the market.

Moreover, the implementation of generative AI has opened new avenues for innovation, giving Wefuel an edge in their highly competitive market. The ability to generate creative and cost-effective high-performance recipes faster than ever has solidified Wefuel's position as a trusted brand in their niche.

Looking ahead, Lazy Consulting remains committed to supporting Wefuel in their pursuit of operational excellence and innovation. By harnessing the power of AI and our unique strategic insights, we aim to help Wefuel stay at the forefront of their industry.

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