Empower your team
with Generative AI mastery

Unlock the Potential of Artificial Intelligence our Master in Prompt Engineering training

Elevate your team's capabilities with our AI training. Join our Master in Prompt Engineering program to unleash the power of LLMs and take your operations to the next level!


Training benefits


Enhanced Efficiency

Boost productivity by 37% and elevate output quality by 20% through effective prompt engineering techniques.


Cost Optimization

Optimize costs by effectively prompt engineering, ensuring smart resource allocation and impact maximization.


Team Satisfaction

Elevate team satisfaction by equipping them with advanced prompt engineering skills, fostering an innovative work environment.

What can you expect
in the program

Module 1:
• Behind the scenes of large language models

Module 2:
• Behind the scenes of large language models

Module 3:
• A process to write good prompts - every time.

Live Session 1

Module 4:
• Integrating prompts into a product

Module 5:
• Advanced prompting strategies

Live Session 2

Module 6
• Evaluating prompt performance

Live Session 3

Module 7
• How to give LLMs more memory

Module 1:
• Behind the scenes of large language models.

Module 5:
• Advanced prompting strategies.

Module 2:
• Behind the scenes of large language models.

Live Session 2

Module 3:
• A process to write good prompts - every time.

Module 6
• Evaluating prompt performance

Live Session 1

Live Session 3

Module 4:
• Integrating prompts into a product.

Module 7
• How to give LLMs more memory.

Program details

Start your business's AI transformation today with our 12-week program,
providing an Interim Head of AI. Gain comprehensive insights into AI integration, develop executive leadership skills, and uncover key talent.



12 weeks


Remote, Hybrid or On-site

Time & Availability

Approximately 10 hours per week

Meet the Expert

Luciano Radicce profile picture in Black & White

Luciano Radicce

Co-Founder & AI Product Strategy Consultant

+11 years partnering with startups, entrepreneurs and VCs across Europe and Asia. Combining a strong entrepreneurial background with expertise in engineering, product , strategy , marketing, and Artificial Intelligence.

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Program takeaways

Empowering through AI Integration
Develop an executive-level strategic mindset for effective AI integration and leadership.

KPI-Driven Training
Our training is outcome-oriented, with clear KPIs for skill acquisition and AI integration impact.

Business-Goal Alignment
Training is practical, aimed at immediate business application and innovation.

Flexible Timing
Our training fits your schedule. A mix of live and on-demand content for convenience without compromising support.

Who is this program for?


Begin your business's AI transformation journey today by equipping your team with practice GenAI knowledge.


Elevate your operations to new heights by mastering prompt engineering, enhancing your team’s ability to improve AI responses

Large Enterprises

Through our AI training, empower your team with AI prompting skills, ensuring your organisation remains at the forefront of AI innovation and application.

Have questions?

What prior knowledge of AI and prompt engineering is required to enroll in this program?

No previous experience with AI or prompt engineering is necessary. Our program is designed to take you from fundamental concepts to advanced techniques, regardless of your starting expertise level.

What will participants achieve by the end of this training program?

By the end of our prompt engineer training, participants will not only grasp the theory behind AI and natural language processing but will also practice creating and refining prompts for various AI applications, ensuring a deep understanding of effective AI interaction.

How will the skills learned in prompt engineering enhance our current business operations?

The strategies and skills imparted will align with your business goals, fostering innovation and enhancing communication efficiencies. You'll learn to tailor AI responses to streamline customer interactions and optimize operational workflows.

Can this training be tailored to specific industries or business needs?

Yes, our training is adaptable to a variety of industries and can be customized to address specific business challenges and objectives, ensuring relevance and immediate applicability.

Is the training conducted onsite or virtually?

We offer flexible delivery methods for our training, including onsite workshops for local participants and virtual sessions for remote attendees, ensuring accessibility regardless of location.

What is the investment for this specialized training in prompt engineering?

The investment varies based on the training's depth and breadth, the number of participants, and the customization level. We provide detailed quotes after understanding your specific needs and objectives.

Is there support available after completing the training?

Ongoing support and consultation services are available post-training to ensure successful implementation and continuous learning in the field of prompt engineering.

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