AI Strategy Consulting for Executives: A Specialized Workshop to Kickstart Your Journey into the World of AI

Discover Artificial Intelligence For Business Leaders workshop

In this Artificial Intelligence discovery workshop, we'll guide you through the basics, then team up to create an AI implementation roadmap,
helping you get started on your AI journey.


The benefits



Dive into the universe of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and get understanding of the state-of-the-art Generative AI ( i.e. Chat GPT)



We will evaluate your business processes, identifying key areas for artificial intelligence integration to increase efficiency by up to 40%


Be Ready

You'll end up having a concrete roadmap outlining short-term and long-term steps for deploying AI in your organisation

What can you expect
in the workshop

Part I: Kickoff & Training

Introduction : We begin with a welcome session and ice-breaking activities, provide an overview of the workshop, and introduce Lazy Consulting and our mission.

Understanding AI and Large Language Models: A comprehensive exploration of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning. Current opportunities & misconceptions. We will also touch upon how AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) are disrupting across industries & we will review live examples.


Part II: Interactive Discovery

AI Wishlist: A hands-on session where we will reflect on daily tasks that consume most of your time, and together we will brainstorm potential AI solutions that could ease these processes.


Part III: Strategic Prioritisation

• Research and Prioritisation: Working alongside with Lazy's  engineering team and your executive team, we will prioritise tasks from the previously created AI Wishlist. Sorted based on business impact, development effort & technical confidence.

Part IV: Roadmapping and Conclusion

• Potential Implementation Roadmap & Closing: We round off the workshop by presenting the created AI implementation roadmap and we will be discussing key steps and considerations in for the process. Afterwards, we will wrap up the day with a Q&A session and closing remarks by Lazy.

Workshop details


Live Training

3-4 hours of live training on-site or remote depending on the location


2-hour workshop with representatives from the key departments


2 hours of internal research understanding impact & effort of the wished features

Meet the Experts

Luciano Radicce profile picture in Black & White

Luciano Radicce

Founder & AI Consultant

+11 years partnering with startups, entrepreneurs and VCs across Europe and Asia. Combining a strong entrepreneurial background with expertise in engineering, product , strategy , marketing, and Artificial Intelligence.

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Key workshop takeaways

Lead impactful AI transformation, optimise your business and become an industry pioneer.

Data-Driven Roadmap
Make data-backed decision to prioritise generative artificial intelligence feature implementation.

Strengthen Your Role
Become the leader/executive who drives big product-led changes within your organisation.

Join a strong network of AI business leaders, aiding your AI implementation journey

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is tailored for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives who bear responsibility for teams,
and aspire to build successful, AI-driven organisations.

Regardless of the size of your organisation both for startups and established Fortune 500 companies.

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Your AI Journey

Step 3: Action
Step 2: Known
Step 1: Unkown

Within this workshop, you'll effectively move from Step 1 (the unknown), into Step 2 (the known),
setting you at the doorstep of Step 3 (action)
. Furnished with a precise AI Implementation Roadmap,
you're prepared to take action. Certainly, Lazy Consulting is prepared to assist you implementation step.

Have questions?

What prior knowledge of AI is required to attend the workshop?

No prior knowledge of AI is required to attend our workshop. We will guide you through the fundamentals and explain all the necessary concepts in a clear, comprehensible manner.

What will I gain from attending this workshop?

By the end of this workshop, you'll have a basic understanding of AI and its potential applications within your specific business context. Furthermore, you'll leave with a customized AI implementation roadmap to navigate your organization's AI journey.

How can I apply what I've learned in this workshop to my business?

The AI Discovery Workshop not only provides theoretical understanding but also practical applications of AI in business. The workshop includes an interactive activity where you'll identify tasks within your organization that could be optimized through AI. This culminates in an implementation roadmap that you can start applying to your business immediately.

Where is the workshop conducted?

We provide flexibility in terms of location. The workshop can be conducted onsite at your organization if you are based in or around Munich. For those based outside Munich, we also offer the workshop remotely. Please note, for onsite workshops outside of Munich, travelling expenses will be added to the cost of the workshop.

How much does the workshop cost?

The cost of the workshop is based on a variety of factors such as the size of your team, specific needs of your business, and the scope of the workshop. For a detailed and personalized quote, we encourage you to contact us directly.

Be Lazy. Call us to book the workshop

Free 15-min call to any ask questions or to book your Discover Artificial Intelligence for Business Leaders workshop