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In this Artificial Intelligence Masterclass, you will learn how AI works, see its power in action, find out why it matters for businesses, and get practical tips on how to use it right

What you can expect
from the Masterclass

Masterclass AI Luciano Radicce

1. Introduction To AI
• What is AI?
• Brief history
• AI Building Blocks
• AI Evolution

2. Generative AI
• More Building Blocks
• What is Chat-GPT
• LLMs Evolution
• LLMs Creation Process

3. What can I do with GenAI?
• Fun Live Examples
• Business Use Cases

4. What do I need to Know as a User?
Prompt Engineering
Query Resolution Process
Prompting Techniques
External Context

5. What can I do with GenAI?
• Ethical Considerations
• Security, Bias & Privacy

6. Questions & Feedback

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On-Demand Learning

30-minute recorded Masterclass. Learn at your own pace and revisit the content whenever you need.

Actionable Content

Straightforward explanations for decision-makers. Understand AI's real-world impact without the jargon.

Extra Bonus

Chat-GPT Cheat Sheet Template + AI Self-Assessment Sheet, designed to help yo understand your AI readiness

Meet the Expert

Luciano Radicce profile picture in Black & White

Luciano Radicce

Co-Founder & AI  Consultant

+11 years partnering with startups, SMEs and VCs across Europe and Asia. Combining a strong entrepreneurial background with expertise in engineering, product , strategy , marketing, and Artificial Intelligence.

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